WIW fall transition

Hi, YLFers! I'm sorry I've been MIA. My new job is going really well, but it keeps me very busy.
I've enjoyed browsing the forum and Angie's amazing blog posts during brief bits of down time as I can.
It's still warm here in Texas, but I'm doing what I can to transition in to fall. Here is a recent WIW.
All the details are on my blog http://www.thedailysophisticate.com
Hope you all are well! xoxo

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  • Jonesy replied 11 years ago

    It's great to see you, Sarah! This is a beautiful fall look! Love your wavy, longer hair, and the blue bag looks gorgeous with the more muted colors in the skirt and blouse.

  • cobaltblue replied 11 years ago

    Very pretty! I love that scarf and blouse together.

  • Joy replied 11 years ago

    Sarah, your posts are always such a treat. The blouse is fabulous and you look amazing in pencil skirts.

  • Suz replied 11 years ago

    Looking gorgeous as always, Sarah! Love the hit of colour with the neutrals here.

  • cjh replied 11 years ago

    You look fab in the leather skirt, and I LOVE your hair like that.

  • Kiwichik replied 11 years ago


  • merwoman replied 11 years ago

    Beautiful! Love the pattern mixing and hit of colour!

  • Ginny replied 11 years ago

    Glad to see you post!! you look awesome!
    Love the skirt!! Perfect to transition to fall!

  • replied 11 years ago

    OMG, the waves in your hair are so beautiful! There's a name for those controlled waves but it escapes me at the moment. Love your neutrals. I do the same thing here to create my own fall (as it's still super hot here too). *my blue bag is waving to your blue bag* :)

  • Aida replied 11 years ago

    So lovely!! Great to see you Sarah, glad to hear work is going well if busy. Your retro waves look GORGEOUS, and this color palette is deliciously Autumnal regardless of how warm it still is there :)

  • Carole replied 11 years ago

    Beautiful as ever. Thanks for stopping by!

  • CocoLion replied 11 years ago

    What a gorgeous transition outfit. I see how it can still keep you reasonably comfortable in the heat, and the darker colors make it seasonally appropriate. Plus I love your hair like that, it's so modern looking. I looked back at a few months of your blog entries and pinned several outfits for inspiration. (I love the big shirts, skinny jeans and heels formula.)

    FYI Texas isn't the only warm place. We are having the hottest year on record in my neck of the woods (Sierra foothills); it was 97 at 2:45 on my way to work. Come on fall. My NAS purchases are going on three months of neglect due to our unrelenting heat.

  • catgirl replied 11 years ago

    Sarah, I know you're busy! I check your blog once a week. You've been getting edgier and more streamlined, it seems - I love everything you wear!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 11 years ago

    How nice to see you Sarah! Like Una, I peek at your blog here and there and am loving your style. This is a fabulous transitional outfit and I love the pop of turquoise with the bag.

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